Antiques Centre Amsterdam

Are you a lover of antiques or looking for a unique gift? Then you really should visit Antiques Centre Amsterdam! In various stands and showcases you will find over 10.000 different objects: special pottery, porcelain, paintings, jewelery, tableware and much more.

Antiques Centre Amsterdam is located in the heart of the Jordaan area. Behind the narrow facade is an antique paradise with an area of no less than 1.750 square meters! In 1978, this former Peugeot garage was transformed into an antique center De Looier. This name referred to the tanners who settled in the Jordan in the late 17th century to practice their trade there.

Antique dealers

There are stands of 55 specialized antique dealers with an impressive, regularly changing range of jewelery, lighting, silver, porcelain, statues, wall decorations and even small furniture. The showcases display unique collectibles and numerous curiosities. There is something for every budget, you will not come home empty handed... if you can still find the exit.

Antiques Centre Amsterdam has a large regular clientele, but many Dutch day visitors and foreign tourists also like to take a look. After viewing, admiring and perhaps buying all those beautiful antique items, you can visit Brasserie Blazer for a cup of coffee, drink, lunch or snack.

Opening hours

  • Monday 11am-6pm

  • Tuesday closed

  • Wednesday until Friday 11am-6pm

  • Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm