Cave Rokin

Cave Rokin has been located in the 17th century building at Rokin 60 (at the Duifjessteeg) since 1987. Initially mainly focused on wines from France and Italy, but now developed into a wine specialist with knowledge of wines from all over the world. In the shop, which is located in the basement of the building, you will find almost two thousand bottles of wine, whiskey, gin and liqueurs; Cave Rokin has become a well known name in the (inter)national wine world. In the back of the shop there are hidden some very exclusive old bottles, resting behind a grid, waiting to be opened someday.

In addition to the more exclusive wines, more affordable wines and wines from unknown wine countries such as Georgia, Lebanon and Bulgaria are also sold and explained: Cave Rokin is all about personal advice and finding special wines and other drinks to your taste or a specific dish. Even if you are looking for a drink other than wine, you have come to the right place: Cave Rokin has a wide range of exclusive whiskey, armagnac, cognac, gin and grappa.

Wine tasting

Cave Rokin regularly organizes wine tastings with different themes and entry levels. It is also possible to book a private tasting according to your wishes, click here for more information.

Opening hours

  • Monday and Sunday 1pm-7pm

  • Tuesday and Wednesday noon-7pm

  • Thursday until Saturday noon-8pm