Sweet Bob

Feel the creamy: you have to try these Brazilian brigadeiros! Sweet Bob is not only the first brigadeiro store in the Netherlands, but also the only one! No sweet tooth that will walk by this store without sneaking inside for a moment: those birgadeiros are just too good!


No bonbons, no truffles, but pieces of pure heaven! Brigadeiros are sweet treats from Brazil that are mainly eaten when there is something to celebrate, for example at weddings and birthdays. The cheerful sweets have all kinds of shapes and are available in dozens of flavours at Sweet Bob: some new flavours are available in the store every day!

Brigadeiros are made with condensed milk, butter and ingredients to make the taste of your choice: for example, the best chocolate is used, but also fruit, nuts, drinks or the ingredients to create a 'stroopwafel' flavour! An endless number of possibilities, so you can always try a new taste while visiting one of the two stores of Sweet Bob.


Brigadeiros are ideal as a small gift for your employees, friends, business partners or guests; if you need a larger number of brigadeiros you can order these easily at Sweet Bob. Owner André is happy to send you a customized price. On the website of Sweet Bob you can fill in a form to make such a request.

Did you know that Sweet Bob is part of the Jordaan Girlfriend arrangement and Taste the Jordaan arrangment? This way you combine this unique entrepreneur with other pearls from the Jordaan.

Opening hours

  • Sunday until Friday 11am-6pm

  • Saturday 11am-7pm

Address details