Bis! Vintage Amsterdam

Three shops with vintage clothing, shoes, bags and accessoiries.

Bis army fashion and basics

The quality store of Amsterdam for all kinds of army and marine related products like shoes, clothing, heads. A unique store in Amsterdam, certainly worth a visit!

Bis vintage clothing for ladies and gentlemen

Cheerful vintage clothing store. Whether you are looking for an affordable evening dress or a fantastic seventies raincoat, you will always find something to your liking here. There are also many accessories available to brighten up your outfit.

Bis vintage shoes, bags accessoiries

Great collection of vintage shoes and boots in all colors and sizes. From retro flipflops to cowboy boots. The collection is enormous. You can also go here for a colorful range of vintage bags.

Opening hours

  • Monday noon-6pm

  • Tuesday until Friday 11am-6pm

  • Saturday 11am-5pm

  • Sunday noon-5pm